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A visually great website that is UX-friendly is the result of clear communication, centralized collaboration and lots of donuts.

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Trust the Process

I care about the people who use the websites and applications I build, so I take user experience (UX)...very...seriously.

Coupled with a history of over 15 years working on a variety of sites from BCBG's ecommerce to complicated corporate websites, I've mastered the balancing act between the customers' experience, stake holders' goals and my own creative vision.

My process of focusing on efficiency by creating reusable, modular user interface elements that allow users to easily navigate the site's content without becoming frustrated or confused. Fast problem solving by streamling through short, swift iterations. And always keeping in mind, especially as a previous small business owner, that a great website can help win users' confidence in your brand and ultimately improve the business bottom line.

Feature Works

Global creative vision, Strategic & Information Architect, UX, UI Designer, Copy Editor
Photoshop, Illustrator, Typography, Protoype
HTML5, JS, CSS, SASS, .Net, Razor, Azure, Visual Studio