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Creating for Good - 360 Marketing Plan

It all started with an idea.

For the past 9 years, I've been a creative ambassador for my company's United Way partnership campaign. Every year, my team supports the campaign with creative digital and print assets that roam across digital platforms, email messages, social campaigns, advertisements and native mobile apps.

A couple of years ago, I added to our list of deliverables with the idea to create an uplifting and fun video that would inspire everyone to contribute to the cause. It boosted moral and helped raised over $800,000, a 15% increase from the year before.

1. Brainstorming theme and graphics

Every year, out team would run through creative exercises to come up with a slogan first, then a theme around the slogan. Each year, we select 3-6 associates to be the co-chairs for that year's campaign. They are the faces of the campaign and have the heavy lifting of encouraging our associates to donate. This particular campaign had 7 upbeat co-chairs who were all in the game to put themselves out there for a good cause. I knew it was a golden opportunity to utilize their energy and enthusiam.

After one photoshoot and a couple of mocked up ideas, we presented a couple of options to the heads and this was the final approved concept.

2. Poster Displays

Then we combined the slogan with the theme idea into a poster design. These posters were placed all over the buildings in visible areas.

3. Digital

We created an internal campaign microsite to as a way to encourage associates to donate to the cause and keep an open tally if we are meeting our overall donation goals.

And following the same theme creatives, we sent out multiple emails throughout the campaign to inform associates the progess and more importantly, how their contribution impacts lives.

4. Kickstart live event

Tying into the United Way theme, we organized a family fun day at the USC Galin Stadium. With family orientated games, live entertainment and lots of raffles, it was the perfect way to kick start the campaign to get everyone excited and pumped!

5. Indoor stadium OOH assets

It was fun to create assets for the different advertising mediums in the stadium:

  • Fun cam interactive boards
  • Backdrop for the stage
  • Running animated ribbon around the court
  • Tilly tower video outside the building visible like a billboard from the freeways
  • Over 200 signage all around the event.
  • With our social media team's live converage on YouTube and Facebook.

6. Video Production

My favorite part.

This was the first year we incorporated video. It was a lot of work but worth it in the end. This was the process we put in place:

  1. Storyboard
  2. Scout for locations
  3. Schedule confirmed
  4. Confirm the production team
  5. Blocking and run-through
  6. Film
  7. Post-edit

Check out the final product below and the behind the scenes!

View full video.

Behind the scenes.