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Mindy Duong

Creative director. Check out my multi-disciplinary breadth of work below.


In the Near Future

Because...why not.

A China Website Redesign

Redesigning East West Bank, China Ltd's website. Giving it a new breath of light, color and fluidity. Building a CMS so our friendly folks in China can independently maintain the website. (Update: Launched 11/5/2019)

My First Short Film

Feeding my hunger to direct, experimenting with cinematography and stitching interesting moving pictures into one story.

Public Speaking

I'll always jump to any request for me to join a panel to share my thoughts or convey inspiring words to a group of people. Sharing is giving back.

My Story

I’m a multidisciplinary creative, crafting results by applying design thinking with an entrepreneural mindset to stimulate my audience’s imagination.


As the VP of UX at East West Bank, one of my responsibilities is communicating to a team of designers, developers, vendors and copywriters a unified experience. For the past 9 years, I've led a wide range of exciting and challenging projects including intranet migration, 2 massive overhauls of East West Bank's digital presence and acted as the creative lead for our yearly community campaign fighting for the homeless. Previously, I was the Web Design Manager at BCBGMaxAzria.

Earlier in my career...

Whether it was juggling to run 2 businesses or working weekdays as a web designer and moonlighting weekends as a wedding photographer, my roles and responsibilties always had something to do with art and the digital space. In fact, I landed my first job after college as a web designer at Ticketmaster with just a traditional portfolio full of sketches and paintings. And I've worked in the digital space ever since.

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