Consumer-Focused Creative Leader, UX Innovator, & Marketing Storyteller.


In the Near Future

Because...why not.

A China Website Redesign

Redesigning East West Bank, China Ltd's website. Giving it a new breath of light, color and fluidity. Building a CMS so our friendly folks in China can independently maintain the website. (Update: Launched 11/5/2019)

My First Short Film

Feeding my hunger to direct, experimenting with cinematography and stitching interesting moving pictures into one story.

Public Speaking

I'll always jump to any request for me to join a panel to share my thoughts or convey inspiring words to a group of people. Sharing is giving back.

My Story

Consumer-Focused Creative Leader, UX Innovator, & Marketing Storyteller | Strategic Team, Brand, & Audience Driver

I am a passionate, innovative, and multilingual Creative Director respected for 15+ years pioneering dynamic marketing campaigns, visual content, and consumer engagement strategies for industry leaders (including East West Bank and BCBGMAXAZRIA Group). My track record demonstrates continued success in cultivating brand identity and loyalty in competitive markets through multimedia advertising, photo and graphic design, and video production. I am experienced in directing comprehensive project lifecycles, overseeing operations from concept through development, execution, and tracking.

Clients and colleagues know me as an exceptional leader who guides team members in realizing all objectives through a collaborative, people-focused approach, and she thrives in building and maintaining positive relationships with key stakeholders and managers. As an out-of-the-box thinker, I am committed to delivering exceptional results in visual storytelling, corporate messaging, and artistic direction to enable growth.

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