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10 Dec 2011
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I'm so lucky to have met Kim. We were the photographers for her engagement shoot, wedding and now her baby girl’s first birthday session...View Post-->>

Latest Project

I recently designed the logo, avatars, website and blog for Roshon Fegan. Roshon is a talented singer and musician and is the star of Disney's hit show, "Shake It Up". Check out the project and pictures from his album launch party.

View Project-->>

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    Email Trend Sheet Campaign

    A BCBG email designed as a trendsheet for the fall launch 2011.

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    Logo Design

    Logo designed for "The Romantic Hours" by Mona Golabek, classical pianist and book writer.

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    Family Photography

    Sample of a a family photo session. Check out my other photo sessions with other families at my blog: click here

  • Email Design
    Email Campaign

    At BCBG, I've designed over 200+ emails since I've started working there. This particular one is for Halloween and I love it because it's so cute! Check out BCBG's website which I update almost every other day...yes, I am not kidding.
  • Logo Design
    Logo Design

    This is a logo I designed for Fresch Concepts, a party planning company. Check out their website:
  • Logo Identity
    Logo Indentity

    As the creative director for Lovan USA, a high-end audio video furniture company\, I designed everything from web to print. I was also in charge of advertising...check out their website:
  • Painting
    Watercolor Painting

    Dabbing in paint. A painting of my neighbor's dog, Buster.

  • Email Design
    Corporate Email

    As the lead web designer for BCBG, not only do I design for email campaigns but also for corporate emails too. This is just an example. Check out their corporate website which I update almost daily:
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    Email Campaign (International)

    I am also in charge of all international websites for BCBG. Check out the BCBG Japan website which I also designed:

  • Portrait Photography
    Portrait Photography

    Portrai photography is my favorite. Check out some of all of my portrait photo sessions on my blog:

  • Logo Identity
    Logo and website design

    These are the concepts for Roshon Fegan's logo. Check out his website I designed at:

  • Painting
    Acrylic Painting

    My favorite thing to paint are trees. Especially autumn trees and their beautiful warm colors.


About Min-D

Creat in Web and Graphics

I've always considered myself an artist first and foremost. The computer and the internet has only enhanced my artistic skills to a new digital level. For the past ten years, I've contributed and also had the privelage to lead several creative teams in both web and print. I am currently the main and lead web designer for the high fashion company, BCBGMaxAzria at

Oh and I'm also a professional photographer. With my retouching skills and love for the vivid, taking up photography was inevitable. Indulge me a bit longer and take a look at some of my work?

Work Experience


Graphic and Web design has always been my core ability. I'm an expert at Photoshop with an emphasis on photo retouching. I also have experience with Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Brigde and Lightroom.


I am not an expert at coding but I know enought JQUERY, PHP, ASP, CSS and WORDPRESS to implement my designs to the project.

Hidden Talents

I have been painting and sketching since I was 3 years old. Other languages I can speak are Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamse. I mimed in Gate class when I was in second grade. I was in 2 musicals and 3 drama plays in high school. And was the lead for "Little Shop of Horrors". Fun stuff.

Photography Services


Our portrait packages are excellent for headshots, family, maternity or that you just simply need that particular self portrait on your wall.


Engagement shoots are fun and can be very creative if you want it to be. Check out our magazine style booklets! A great conversational piece for your table top!

Weddings are our favorites. We love to capture those moments that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Our wedding packages start at $1000. Contact us now for our latest price list!


We promise...

  1. Professionalism
  2. Always accomodating.
  3. Always smiling.
  4. Always curtious.

We give...

  • ALL pictures taken.
  • Free 20x30 poster
  • Creativity always included.
  • And more...