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Dear AT&T, thank you for getting me into Shape.

Dear Shape AT&T,

You have forged some kind of magical energy and heart-pounding go-getting drive through my veins. The real question is…how come I have never heard of you?

Shape is the AT&T Tech and Entertainment Expo. This year, I had the fortune of joining the Meetup group “Let’s Make Movies LA” right in time for them to give out free tickets to this amazing event held at the Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Big shout out to JB for hooking us up.

I was like a little kid in the candy store. Wide-eyed with a goofy smile, I got to check out all the cool sets and back lots of the most iconic movies and TV shows like the Big Bang Theory and Pretty Little Liars. And even scored “Gunther’s” role on the set of the iconic comedy show “Friends”. Check out my amazing coffee pouring skills:


It was a scorching day so listening to speeches in an air-conditioned theater was a no-brainer. But let me tell you, even if I had to sit in the hot sun, I will happily do so to have the opportunity to listen to this one speaker. His name is Glen Keane, the legendary Disney animator who is in short the maker of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and more. My butt cheeks were hanging on to dear life at the edge of my seat as I listened intently as Glen waved his magical wand to show how he mastermind every aspect of the Beast. I laughed when he joked and sighed when his magic came to life. So inspirational are his words not because he is telling you how to live your life or what you should do with it but just simply showing you how he lives his life and where he wants to take it. I’m inspired by his story, by the content and by his sheer awe of talent. My love for creating content in digital or cinematic form went up a thousand knots and I am forever changed.

Aside from the fore mentioned event that changed my whole existence, here are some photos to show you how much fun I had so you make plans to attend it next year. I know I will!

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