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Behind the Stage: Putting on a Wig

Transforming into a skid row urchin in the 60s era for Little Shop of Horrors was so much fun.   Here is a video on how I put on my wig for the show.   And a little treat at the end where I pay homage to my favorite superhero, Wonder Woman!


My little corner oasis in the girls dressing room.   These are essentials!!!
1.  My boy shorts because when wearing a skirt on stage and running dance numbers, giving the audience a peep show is absolutely NOT part of the plan.
2. For singing throats:  LOTS OF WATER, preferably with raw honey.   And when your throat gets tired and sore after a couple of shows?  Who would of thunk!?  Ginger candy…works wonders.
3.  Face towel because I tend to sweat like Whitney Houston on a big night.

lsh_part1bI’ve actually have become somewhat of the ultimate professional in the fake cut-crease eye makeup area.   Let me know if you would like to see how I created my own fake cut-crease eyelid. lsh_part1c
I learned so much…and some the hard way.  🙁  So, there was one show where my voice was muffled throughout the whole show…turns out the mic hole…was pushing against my cheek.  It is supposed to face outward…amateur.  GRRRR.



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