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DIY: White Wall of Things to To

Do closet mirrors scare you?   Well, join the club.  Other than giving a small room a larger illusion, it’s kind of scary.   Imagine this:  It’s late at night, you are alone in your office just typing away.   Then you lean back for a stretch and at the side peripheral you see hands!  Your head immediately turn that direction and there you are in the mirror looking back at you in a frantic gaze.

So, since I need to make my top 10 things to do this year.  And more than not if I wrote it in a notebook or in an email, I’d most like will not look at it like I constantly look at it now.   In my biased opinion, this is brilliant.  But I only covered one slider so that I will still have that “large room” effect from the other mirror.

Want to try it?  It’s super simple and takes like 15 minutes.   The hard part is drawing out what you want to put on your wall.   Let’s start with the easy stuff first.  Let’s create the wall:

What  you will need:

GoWrite! Dry Erase Rolls, 24″ x 20′, White
(Buy on Amazon >)

Expo 2 Low-Odor Dry Erase Set, Fine Point, 7-Piece with Cleaner, Assorted Colors
(Buy on Amazon >)

And a good pair of scissors


  1. Measure the mirror so that you know how much to cut from the sticky paper.
  2. I cut out smaller horizontal pieces because the paper is really sticky and will need a bit of finesse to stick onto the mirror.
  3. Measure how many horizontal pieces you will need.
  4. Peel the backing off a little first and start pasting the paper from at the top right or left corner and slowly make your way to the opposite corner.
  5. Once you have the top secured, you can pull off the whole backing and gently use both hands to secure the rest of the sticky white paper to the mirror.
  6. After it is on there, you will notice there are some little pockets of air bubbles.   You can easily remove these by using the back end of the scissors and scraping it down.
  7. Continue with the next sheet below the first sheet following steps 1-6.

For ideas on how to design your wall:

Google is my best friend.  🙂  Have you met Google?  If you have, just ask it to show you images of “chalkboard art”.


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