Year: 2017


Dear AT&T, thank you for getting me into Shape.

Dear Shape AT&T, You have forged some kind of magical energy and heart-pounding go-getting drive through my veins. The real question is…how come I have never heard of you? Shape is the AT&T Tech and Entertainment Expo. This year, I had the fortune of joining the Meetup group “Let’s Make Movies LA” right in time for them to give out free tickets to this amazing event held at the Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Big shout out to JB for hooking us up. I was like a little kid in the candy store. Wide-eyed with a goofy smile, I got to check out all the cool sets and back lots of the most iconic movies and TV shows like the Big Bang Theory and Pretty Little Liars. And even scored “Gunther’s” role on the set of the iconic comedy show “Friends”. Check out my amazing coffee pouring skills:   It was a scorching day so listening to speeches in an air-conditioned theater was a no-brainer. But let me tell you, even if I …


Farmers Market Stand (DIY)

My sister Maya, had the brilliant idea of a farmers market themed party for her daughters’ birthday so I built a farmers market stand for them. This was the first time we used PVC pipes and now I wonder why I shouldn’t create everything with PVC pipes. Anyway, so happy with the outcome because it was such a joy to see the kids going grocery shopping. So darn cute, makes me so deliriously happy inside. Happy birthday Eva and Harper, Auntie Mindy loves you! These are the following materials you will need: 1. 6 PVC pipes, corner sockets to hold them in place (bought ours at Home Depot) 2. table to put the stand on 3. foam board and wrapping to make the awning (DollarTree) 4. velcro to keep the awning in place (DollarTree) 5. black cardboard paper for the sign (DollarTree) 6. tape or glue (DollarTree) 7. fake vines if you want to wrap the poles (DollarTree) 8. wooden crates (ours are big supermarket crates, but you can probably find people selling them in …