Month: June 2015

All about Min-D

Helllooooo! I’m Mindy, a creative producer in the digital world. My love for all things creative and “pretty” has guided me through my life whether it’s my personality or my career. I’ve been obsessing over the last couple of years on what or where my life should be or go. I’ve realized now that I’ve known it all along. It doesn’t matter what I do or where I go, I know that my creative spirit will guide me there. So who am I? I’m a design-driven user-interface engineer. I’m that focused photographer who will mold my body in awkward positions just to get that perfect shot. I’m that gushing, blushing weirdo silently pointing to my billboard print. I’m that thespian lost in character at your nearest community theater. I’m that singer who will sing anywhere as long as there’s one person listening. Above all, I’m an painter because that’s how I fell in love with art. Wanna see some of my favorite works? Check out my portfolio >

My First YouTube Video! 3 Days in New York City!

My girlfriends and I went on a spontaneous trip to NYC on Memorial weekend.   I booked this cute apartment on AirBnB perfectly situation in the upper eastside.  From the pictures on AirBnB, the stairs in front of the buildings reminded me so much of the intro to Laverne & Shirley.   I love that song – “Making Dreams Come True”.   I couldn’t help myself, I just had to make my first YouTube video with Laverne & Shirley theme song covered by yours truly.   Check out it out and please comment or subscribe or both!  And then check out some of my favorite places in NYC below to get ideas for your next trip to NYC! Food: Gray’s Papaya – Great hotdogs and the papaya drinks…YUM. Levian Bakery – Must try it, the muffins are on steroids! Things we did: Silent Disco @ South Street Seaport – I never knew dancing with headphones with a bunch of strangers with their headphones can be such a fun experience.   I seem to concentrate more on my own awesome moves than people watching which …