Month: June 2015

A Collection of My Past Professional Photography

As a professional photographer for 3 years, I met a lot of great people and made a lot of new friends. Thanks for all your pretty faces! The Wee Little Ones (View All Albums »)   Kids will be Kids (View All Albums »)   Love is in the Air (View All Albums »)   Tying the Knot (View All Albums »)   Family Time (View All Albums »)   Strike a Pose! (View All Albums »)

Gotta Start Somewhere

I have a “list”.   A list of 10 things I want to achieve before I hit the 4-0.   Yes, it looks like a resolutions list. Maybe it is.  Or maybe it’s a wish list.   I know, I know, people who make these “resolutions” rarely follow through.   But I gotta start somewhere.  Hey, I’m so serious that right before I turned 39, I canvased a whole wall of it in my office.  Big enough to remind me every time I walk in that, dude, you have things to discover. Want to create your own wall of to-do-list? It’s easy!  Click here to get step by step instructions!