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Photo Session: Indian Engagement

Dear friends, it’s been almost 2 years since my last wedding gig.   And I’ve recently had a relapse.  You see, I’ve always wanted to photograph an Indian wedding.   Mainly because of all the colors beaming from the outfits, the jewelry…the traditions.   All of which screams my photography signature style – bright, bold, contrasting colors.   So as you can guess, I just couldn’t pass up the luck of taking photos for my friend’s Indian engagement party.    This was not on my “to do” list so I’ll just “air-cross” it off. After 2 years of not doing any photography gigs…it was like riding a bike (not that I know how to ride a bike but that’s the saying).   It was like I never stopped.  It felt natural…ordering people around…lol   They just don’t know because I do it with a huge smile and lots of laughter.   And my heavy dslr felt safe and comfortable around my neck.   But this was the first time, I took pictures in a saree (traditional Indian dress the bride lend me)…yes…I did.  This is me …

A Collection of My Past Professional Photography

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